Trint The almighty leader of this amazing clan, which he founded back in late 2002. Trinitrotoluene (but better known as Jan), often wrongfully refered to as Trint or Trinoleun. He's a lean mean killing machine and he's out there climbing your gameservers and ownin' your people up. So you'd better hide your kids, hide your wife.. AND hide your husband, cuz he ownin' e'rybody out there.
Beneath all this owning and killing lies a very cool, nice and funny guy which is the part we all like most about him. Like Nitroglycerine he is also famous for giving us cool quotes. He is openminded but ruthless when it comes to people who do not behave. He is our alpha and omega, our beginning and our end. He is Jan, be wary.


Aaah wat leuk

Shut the FUCK! up.

Irish PRICK! (to Clanculler or Biobomb)
Get back on target!
Rock that weaponsystem!
*Random sound which makes your head hurt*