A veteran & survivor of a former Soviet-time (Levi) UF-TS, Our favourite Greek has become a permanent fixture in our Head Quarters while being permanently in Debt to the EU. Some say he's like a table, which is OK with him as he likes tables, as in furniture, not times-tables, he's Greek and therefore all understanding of maths evades him on even the most basic level of accountancy. While once a stray kitten of the Soviets looking for a LOL home, he's now regarded by the High-Command as an integral part of the UF family, even if his presence pushes over the limits of the Dutch UF quota - taking it to nearly 1/3 of Holland's population on any given day. He's flourished on his own in this big bad world and grown from a small bedside cabinet into a grand living room table with over 9000 surround sound. Some may even say that he is ranked higher than Biobomb a.k.a Chas as he has a PC and does not require office computers to be left unattended to come on TS and speak to his friends and online family. Such is his rise to greatness this once nondescript Dutchman is now sneaking fellow Greeks without a home through our borders to channels such as MOH. Who are these Wig-Wam livers? We do not know, but we are OK with it as we value the spics judgement as we do his company in our company. We welcome him to our Democracy while never expecting nor wanting him to give up on his Soviet roots. We love our Table as he loves Lamp.


I like Tables