Elbert Runt, a.k.a Elbert, has been with us since the beginning. He is considdered old school, because he joined the clan pretty much right after it started. Besides being one hell of a cool guy with a calm attitude, he keeps his word and does so with style.

MoH:AA is still his favourite game. Thinking back to the old school days, he also misses the good old times in MoH:AA just like everyone else. Even though he has not got a lot of time to spend to games right now, he is still very much part of the clan and he does help us to kick some butt in-game from time to time. Runt is the content that fills the can that says, with big letters: Whoop Ass

He also has a talent in webdesign and other visual and artistic fields and we are very happy to have him on our team.


Any sentence with the word "unit" in it