Looking for image JPS, aka Jim, is the youngest member of the UF clan. But his skills are just a great as the rest of our's. We miss him on the European LoL server though, we need a good player to get rid of random feeders :(
Anyway, in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 he is the best of us. His kill/death ratio is sick and I'd rather have him on my team if possible. One day Jim asked me how he could make a guide, at first I didn't understand what he meant. I thought he meant a guide as in a tutorial/how to, so I thought it was quite funny. Even today people are still using it, even though we now all know that he meant the rulers/guides in Photoshop (CTRL+R in Photoshop for who's wondering the same thing). Together with the rest of us Jim has owned MoH:AA, LoL and BFBC2 and is therefor considered of high value to our clan.


How do you make a guide?