Super Chas BioBomb is half of the scottish part of UF. He is the prime mongolian and head of the anti-fenian group called "FTPATIRA" (stands for Fuck The Pope And The IRA). He has no real specialisation on League of Legends, which means he will randomly play any of his unlocked characters. Unless Benny is playing Teemo, because then he wants Teemo too. He is also one of the biggests Glasgow Rangers fans, having like 1337 tattoos of the Rangers' logo on his muscly body. In Battlefield: Bad Company 2 he is famous for his flying skills *cough*.

BioBomb is one of the best friends a guy can have.. as long as you don't fall asleep ;)


Ya ***** ***** ******!
Die bombe 'orientshaft'
Any anti-Celtic song or type of slander