Old School

This is an image Founded in 2002 by Trinitrotoluene, this clan started out as a dedicated Medal of Honor: Allied Assault clan. We were still using Gamespy, before Xfire was created, to enter servers with eachother. After a short while brothers Errie and Hilco joined the team with Runt, Deuk and Nitroglycerine following soon enough. They also ran into people that were interested in joining the clan. And before we knew it, we had a a solid group of players together.

Opening a can of whoop-ass

This is an imageAfter we all got to know each other a bit better, we decided to rent our own TeamSpeak 2 server and soon after that a MoH:AA server. We decided to run TDM Default on the server, back in the days when this was still very populair. Also we went ahead and organized a load of clanwars. When our killing machine was well-oiled, we blasted through the gates of Clanbase and joined the TDM Default ladders.

Unfortunately, CKR Realism would soon take over the scene. Default servers and matches would get more scarce. So we had no choice but to run and play CKR 1.1 ourselves as well. Which we, of course, did enjoy, but it was sad to see the true old school game being pushed back more and more.

In the following years we witnessed the game slowly dying out. Default matches were near impossible to find, realism matches were also getting harder to find. Unless you would want to play versus the same group of people all the time. Also, at some point the game was infested by cheaters and DMW anti-cheat had a period of not being updated properly and doing its job right. Both a good anti-cheat and a new patch came a few years too late.

The Saga continues

This is an imageIn 2009 we realised that our days in MoH:AA have been very fun, but the game no longer was how it used to be. We therefore took the decision to move on to other games. We will never forget the 8 (!) awesome years we have spent playing this game.

We are now dedicated to playing games like League of Legends and Company of Heroes 2, amongst others. Our clan differs from other clans because we are a very laid back and select bunch people that have known eachother for years now. That does not mean that we do not take in new members. If you feel our clan is a fun place for you to hang out with, feel free to contact us!


Huge thanks goes out to all members that have spent time with us throughout the years, to both people staying for a short while and a long time and the ones that are still with us even today. They have made us to what we are now. We thank all of them, also the ones that were not listed above.

- Trinitrotoluene